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Here’s is why your website might not be bringing in any results and how you can fix it
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Here’s is why your website might not be bringing in any results and how you can fix it

So, last year, you read an article that told you that if you don’t have a website, your business will go broke. In addition to the article, you took a look at your company’s financials and you saw a red graph that was traveling through quarters pointing south and your heart started beating faster.

As a response, you went on Google and typed, “Web development companies near me.” You contacted a tech guy who charged you a hefty amount for your website. Three weeks down the line, you had a pretty functional website and sat in your office rejoicing that everything will get back on track now that you have one.

It a year later and the website you forked a lot of money for is virtually dormant, and that red graph is still pointing down south. You now think you were scammed but to be honest, you weren’t. It’s simply because when the website was first developed, the developer didn’t do due diligence in explaining to you how you can make the website sell better and improve your business revenue. Here’s how you can fix your website to make it more functional and help contribute to your organizational objectives.

1. Improve the User interface

Is your website cluttered with content or overall easier to navigate? When people visit your website, they want to go around as simply as possible whilst digesting information on your company without experiencing information overload. This is why you need to have an improved UI that is easy to navigate in order to improve the User Experience of your site’s visitors.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Your website won’t be effective if it is not optimized for some certain key phrases and terms that are necessary for it to rank in search engines. Try using a tool like to check your site for keywords, if there aren’t any or if there are unrelated keywords, give us a call.

3. Little to no content on the site

The most important tab on your site is the one that’s labeled, ‘blog’ .The reason why the blog is so important is because you can use if for doing content marketing which apart from giving you a boost in SEO, will also help you reach new audience via content marketing. Make use of the blog and have someone write content for it.